The City of Billings Code Enforcement Division unveiled the latest "Dirty Dozen" list of homes and properties that have been topping the charts for various ordinance violations.

Violations include open storage, junk vehicles on lawn, and dangerous structures. If you would like to report a property or home for a code violation, CLICK HERE for access to a Complaint Form from the Code Enforcement Division.

Before revealing Billings latest Dirty Dozen, here are three locations that have been retired from the list:

  • 114 and 118 S. 29th Street: Court ordered demolition completed.
  • 4116 State Avenue: House sold to adjacent owner through AG assistance, appointed City as administrator of estate.
  • 623 Avenue F: Last vehicle removed.

According to the report from the City of Billings Code Enforcement Division, complaints of junk vehicles are up 72 percent from 2019, open storage of junk was up 20 percent, and complaints for RV storage or Use for Living up 10 percent. 2,026 new code enforcement complaints were filed from January to June 2020, according to the report.

From the Code Enforcement Division, let me introduce you to the Dirty Dozen in Billings for the 2nd Quarter of 2020:

Billings Dirty Dozen 2nd Quarter 2020

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