They are doing the best that they can.

Earlier in the week, I wrote an article about what people would be saying after the first snow of the year.

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Boy was I right.

We had call after call this morning about

Where are all the snowplows?

What are they doing?

Well, a couple of answers for you. The city announced that they have every available truck out there doing the best they can. With this much snow and so few employees able to drive the plows, it makes it hard to keep up. We do have a new program put in place a few years ago that lets private plowers do the side streets so that helps.

The highways were also a mess but that falls under a different jurisdiction. Those drivers work for the state and they clear the interstates and secondary highways.

I know it's difficult out there but you can only do so much with the people and resources you have. I wonder how quickly the people complaining get out there and shovel their sidewalks.

That's right, you are responsible for the walks in front of your house.

I know you don't have time... or "why should I still do it while it's snowing". I get it. Imagine having to do thousands of miles of roads and keep up with this rate of snow. The drivers wish they were all cleared too!

So, we all just need to take a breath and relax.

How early are people leaving so they are not inconvenienced? Sometimes it might not be the snow plows' fault if it takes you longer to get there.

I'm just saying... Stay safe and we'll see ya tomorrow at 5 am.

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