This weekend the Montana Grizzlies Football team clashes with the 3rd-ranked Idaho Vandals in Moscow. The epic top-20 matchup will play out for possession of the Little Brown Stein, the trophy fought over between the Griz and Vandals.

When there is a physical object, like the Little Brown Stein or the Axe between Stanford and Cal, the Apple Cup between Washington and Washington State, up for grabs there's a little extra pizazz added to the stakes of a "rivalry game." There's added interest and it's flat-out fun to root for your team to take home [INSERT TROPHY HERE].

It got me thinking... between the two trophy games Montana plays in, which trophy is best? The Little Brown Stein or the Great Divide Trophy played for VS Montana State?

There's no debate that the game itself between the Griz & the Cats is much more heated. The Griz hate the Cats. The Cats hate the Griz. But I'm asking what physical trophy is better.

Now I know the Great Divide is bigger in size, but there's something to be said about the classic, simple look of The Little Brown Stein.

You can vote for your favorite trophy at the bottom.

The Stein

Credit: Griz Football
Credit: Griz Football

Created back in 1938, "The Stein was created by UM student newspaper writer John T. Campbell," according to the University of Montana's sports information department. It cost a group of students 25 dollars to make.

Slightly larger than a regular stein, THEE Stein is brown with Montana & Idaho written all the way around it. It's more aesthetically more practical than the Great Divide Trophy. The old-school look to it makes me think of old-school Montana Grizzly football. It reminds me of tradition more so than the modern Great Divide.

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The Great Divide Trophy

I'm guessing people will say the Great Divide Trophy is their favorite because it's more prevalent than the Stein.

The Great Divide Trophy is massive. It was sculpted in 2001 and weighs a whopping

Credit: University of Montana Athletics Department
Credit: University of Montana Athletics Department

306 pounds. It symbolizes the stark divide between the University of Montana and Montana State University. The trophy was designed to look like Bear Mountain.

The symbolism of the divide between the two schools and their fierce rivalry adds extra importance to the trophy. It's gigantic, it's flashy and it means so much to football fans in the Treasure State.

So what are you picking? The old-school, tradition-driven Little Brown Stein or the monstrous, meaningful Great Divide Trophy? Vote below and go Griz.


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