Least favorite thing.

Today's article is going to be about writing articles here at work. It's my least favorite part of working here. I don't consider myself a strong writer. but the company paying me made this part of the job eight years ago. So, I hunt and peck on the keyboard until I get it done every day.

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We don't title our own articles. We can't be trusted, apparently. And that led to all the hubbub over Paul's article yesterday. That brought out the critics, trolls, and haters.

Some nasty comments.

For those folks, I have a few questions. First, did you read the article or just catch the headline? Second, when you don't like something at ANY other business, do you call for their jobs or for them to retire? Didn't think so.

And one gal said that we were "grouchy and overpaid" First, if you can find ONE other person who knows me who thinks I'm "grouchy", I'll buy you a steak dinner. And "overpaid". Which leads me to...how much do you think we make? And how is it any of your business? You don't make what you're worth, you make what you negotiate.

Why are you here?

And if you don't like either one of us, what are you doing reading and commenting on these articles anyway? I don't understand people like you. You have some anger inside you that I'll never get.

So, I'll help make your life better with these tips. First, hide/unfriend us on Facebook. Second, don't listen. You'll be happier, and we'll be happier for you.

Talk to you never. Peace out.

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