Maybe this is our problem.

There was a new poll released today that showed 4 in 10 adults don't believe in God.

One out of three say that they have no religion whatsoever...They call themselves NONES. Half of all these so-called NONES call themselves ashiest or agnostics, the other half said they are nothing in particular. Researchers said that this number will continue to grow, and it's not surprising with the relentless attacks on people who believe.

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Foundations in religion.

God played such an important role in the founding and principles of this country and war has been declared on those deeply rooted foundations. Even in Italy, where 80 percent of the population is Catholic, only 20% attend church regularly.

A personal experience.

I believe in God and rely on him or her to get me through each day. I still pray every night before I sleep, although many of you may find that hard to believe...and I'm one of the many who does not go to church.

I look around every day and can see his influence and work. Faith is a tough thing to grasp nowadays, with everything having to be verified on a computer or social media...but if you really think about it and look hard enough, you'll find all the proof you need.

Final thoughts.

Our schools have even done their best to take all mentions of religion away from impressionable youth. You know there is an old saying that you are better off living your life believing in God and finding out that there isn't one, than living your life like there isn't one and getting there and finding out there is..... Just a thought...

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