This morning, I filled in for a coworker over on our NewsTalk station, KBUL... and whenever I have to wake up early, I know I need breakfast. Otherwise, I become a hangry mess around 10 AM... and extremely hard to deal with.

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Where can you get breakfast THIS early?

Since I wake up around 4 AM or so on these days, so I can drag myself out of my bed and make it around 5-ish to the Townsquare Tower, I don't have many options at this hour. Heck, some people are just getting to BED at this time. But, thankfully for me, Holiday has me covered.

Gas Station Gut Bombs

The only thing between my house and the Townsquare Tower, that is open, is the Holiday on Grand & 8th... and the Hardees on 27th. After a few less-than-stellar experiences with Hardees at that hour of the day, I avoid that, and instead go see the awesome people at Holiday with their bright, shining, and smiling faces for a hot and "fresh" breakfast.

Though, when I arrived today, I showed my radio partner in crime Aaron Flint my choice for breakfast of champions... a French Toast & Sausage Taquito & a Gatorade.

Tasty & Cost Effective!

Sure, you could go to Hardees and spend over $10 for breakfast, or make your own at home, but for two of these French Toast & Sausage Taquitos for $4. What a steal! Plus, the Gatorade was buy two, get one free... so I am good to go for my sugar fix.

What are your thoughts?

Have you ever tried these breakfast items? Do you trust the food at the gas station? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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