What are we going to do for power? Steve Daines yesterday ripped the EPA chief a new one when he called out Colstrip for avoiding some new emissions rule they just decided to impose on coal generation places.

They also announced today that there will be NO coal generation of electricity allowed after 2035. Folks, that's only 10 years from now.

Start collecting firewood and candles because you're going to need them. There is no way renewable energy will provide the power we need. Plus, we are adding more and more electric everything.

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What are we going to do at night? No solar, and less wind at night as well. Where do we get juice from? (Editor's note: battery banks sold here).

Keep in mind all of these new rules being forced on power companies to change their generation ability is going to jack your costs up. We are not there yet.

Is there a future for things like hydro and other sources? Yes, but we're not ready. You can't just flip the switch in 2035 and leave everyone hanging. Pelosi and Biden will probably be dead by then anyway, but their influence will cause the rest of us still here havoc.

Don't get rid of your chainsaw just yet; you're going to need it. Maybe it's time that Montana, the Dakotas, Wyoming, and Idaho join forces and start our own little neighborhood and do things the right way.

Just think of the natural resource tax revenue that will have to be replaced in these states. We're losing our country, and we don't have much time left to save it.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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