aaron flint

There's No Bad Years for This Montana Farmer
It's been a rough year for farmers in Montana with a late Spring freeze during planting, and an early Fall snowstorm- not to mention the low commodity prices. That's why I can imagine the shock when someone asked Glasgow farmer Don Fast how his year's been going:
First Montana Woman Selected for National FFA Role
I was chatting with Lane Nordlund on the radio Tuesday morning from the Montana Farm Bureau convention in Billings, and he made a great point. Until 1969, young women weren't even allowed to serve in the FFA (Future Farmers of America). Now, for the first time ever, a woman from Montana has bee…
The Butte Road Show: Highlands College Shaking Up Tech Ed
With a one-semester program you could land a job starting at $75,000 a year working as an electric lineman in Montana. Compare that to some kids attending a 4-year liberal arts program, getting saddled with tens of thousands in student loan debt, and then lucky to find a job paying even $40,000 a ye…

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