Everyone this summer was focused on the glow-up. Getting to look as great as possible, no matter the cost! Excluding me, I was busy eating Oreos. But what happens when your gym, or any local business, suddenly closes?

There one day, gone the next.

Today in browsing news from across the state, I came across an article from multiple news sites about Fuel Fitness in Butte and Helena abruptly. Employees told their local news media that the gyms indeed are closed, however, Fuel Fitness has been silent on the reasoning.

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What about the members? And the money?

That's my big question here. If I paid for my membership, upfront for a year (as many do) and my gym went from busy to boarded up... I would be a bit concerned. Locals received no notification from Fuel Fitness and no details on the length (which appears to be permanent now)

What I've Done

I called the Billings Location, a fairly new addition to their list, and the employee was confident it was sticking around. The reasoning? They have a lease on the building, which is still active for 5 years. Not exactly reassuring when spending money.

I have sent off an email to the listed address on the doors of the Butte location (butte@fuel406.com) and I await their reply. Certainly, I hope they realize a barebones response will not suffice for this.

My Advice?

Here's what I'll say. If you are a Fuel Fitness member in any city, I'd be trying to cancel my membership ASAP (even going as far as to try and get some of it refunded) because the writing is on the wall.

A company that is keeping secrets, from their own employees even, is a dying one.

Get out of there while you can.

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