State Senator Ken Bogner (R-Miles City) dropped by our radio studios on his way back from legislative interim committee meetings in Helena. Several of the bills he authored in the Montana Legislature will take effect on October 1st- including a bill to ban China from owning land in the state, and a patients bill of rights.

On the bill to ban land owned by China and other adversaries:

Sen. Bogner: I'm really excited for October 1st, because this is one of the bills that goes into effect, and that's to prevent foreign adversaries from purchasing our critical infrastructure, and our ag production land. We need to know who's buying our land, and prevent foreign adversaries from getting a foothold- physical foothold here in Montana.

On the patients bill of rights laws going into effect:

Sen. Bogner: There's really two bills here that resulted from things that happened during the pandemic. One was expanding the medical right to try...The other bill has to do with visitation rights. Family members weren't able to see their family members die essentially. And so this patient visitation rights bill guarantees, provides rights to, a mandatory two hours per day to see a loved one.


For more background on why visitation rights were needed in Montana law, check out this story from Dec. 14th, 2021. Also, here's a story I wrote about the need to ban the Communist Chinese from owning land in Montana.

Another bill Sen. Bogner authored is an election integrity bill that requires post-election audits at the precinct level.

Here's the full audio of our chat with State Sen. Bogner:

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