It was on this date in 1935 that the first night game was played at the old Crosley Field in Cincinnati. We made some very interesting comparisons between that event almost 90 years ago to today.

The owners had to do something to get people to come to the games to make it profitable. In 1935 all the games were in the afternoon and workers just couldn't tell their boss I'm leaving at whatever time for the game as they do now. People leave all the time now and expect it as if it's some work right.

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Example number two they also knew that they needed to re-invent something to peak interest and something to keep people coming back. We pointed out that the Montana Fair needs to reinvent or they will continue to lose money every year. In fact, the fair is still looking and operating like it did in 1935 only with the modernization of buildings being any different.

Pretty much the same every year and with the taxpayers picking up the tab for its budget deficits, it needs to re-work things. Free admission should be a great start. So many people would go there just to eat the food but with a 12-dollar entry fee, they won't.

Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images
Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Kids would go multiple nights just to hang out and have fun but will not now with those admission prices. Coupons and special deals are fine but no one knows day-to-day what their evenings are going to allow.

Learn from history, things need to evolve to keep people interested.

Take a lesson from baseball.

See ya tomorrow at 5

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