I was the last one in my circle of friends to get internet at my house. Thus, I was the last one to get an e-mail address.

When I was on the phone getting mine set up with the company that was Bresnan at the time, the guy never mentioned how often I would need that address for years to come.

Click on an ad for golf shirts. Up pops: "Just enter your email address for up to 15% off your first purchase." I get enough e-mails, thanks. Also, it's good to know that if I did buy something from your website, I would be paying more than those who don't mind all the additional spam that they'd be receiving.

Credit: TSM / Canva
Credit: TSM / Canva

At the golf course, I open the app for my Wingman speaker and see how far out I am from the hole. Up pops "Enter e-mail AND password". Of the eighty-seven passwords that I have on various accounts, I'm pretty sure that no two are the same. And since I'm here to golf, I'm not going to bother trying to figure out my password right now. Why the heck would a speaker be password protected anyway? I'm sure that there's a very good reason.

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Hell, I have to sign onto TWO computers in the control room every morning at work. That's after I push the doorbell to get in the double doors downstairs and find the security guy who can unlock our floor on the elevator. Then have to use my security fob to open the radio station doors.

O.K. I just reread all of that. What started out to be "Get a short e-mail address" turned into "That's a lot of signing in".

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