Saturday night as I was walking home to my downtown loft on Montana Avenue I saw this mobile tattoo parlor (that is painted like a WW2 Corsair) parked in front of my apartment building. My first thought was "That looks hygienic" and my second thought was "this kind of thing isn't exactly an impulse buy".

I have to say however that I think I've figured out their business model and surprisingly it is exactly the same as the food trucks that park close to a bar hoping to catch some hungry patrons who've had the munchies. This particular tattoo parlor was parked within half a block of the Railyard which also has the "Taste of Asia" food trailer parked in front. So after a few high alcohol content hefeweizen's or porters you stumble out into the street, grab a couple of egg rolls and get a tattoo, making what would normally be a well thought out decision about how to use the sacred temple of your body for an expression of love, a social statement or sexual liberation and turning it into exactly what it should be... an impulse buy.

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