Call it hokey if you want, but try not to smile while listening to Josh Turner's new song 'Find Me a Baby.' The second single from 'Punching Bag' is more fun than anything of his since 'Why Don't We Just Dance' from 2009. Turner exemplifies everything one hopes marriage will be.

The singer co-wrote the upbeat country story with Frank Rogers, but his wife, Jennifer, and their three boys deserve credit for inspiring such a sweet lyric. The story begins with Turner's character resting on a creek bank, pining for a partner to share the joys of life with.

"I need to laugh with somebody and hear them laughing back / I need to share all I've got and put a couple more trains on this old track / This singing solo's gettin' so old to me / Gonna find me a baby and make a couple babies and sing in harmony," he sings. The rhymes melt together like two scoops of vanilla ice cream left in the sunshine. A few, like the one that closes the second verse, are clumsy, but nothing interrupts his flow.

"I was sitting on my front porch when she came walking by / And she was looking for a helping hand, a man to change a tire / We hit it off and we talked forever and I bought that girl a ring / Then quicker than a Richard Petty pit stop, I got down on one knee."

When Turner's kids come in to help on the "na-na-nanas," 'Find Me a Baby' leans on a line between clever and cutesy. Fortunately, the gimmick isn't overworked. "Well now, me and my baby are on baby number three / When we all get warmed up you oughta hear us sing," Turner sings before introducing Hampton, Colby and Crawford.

'Find Me a Baby' is one of the brightest spots on 'Punching Bag.' The Turner family stamp is all over the song, and the singer doesn't shy away from the sentiment. Any song capable of turning a mood around this quickly stands a chance to be a big hit on country radio.

4 Stars

Listen to Josh Turner, 'Find Me a Baby'

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