At some point in our lives, we have all had to probably switch what pharmacy we choose for our prescription needs. In order to get the most out of your pharmacy, Juro’s Pharmacy and Wellness has provided five tips to ensure you can get the most out of wherever you are get your prescriptions.

1. Utilize SyncRX

If you take a lot of medications, it can get messy trying to keep them all straight. With SyncRX, you can have all of your prescriptions filled on the same day every month. By utilizing SyncRX, you can avoid any stress or confusion about when you are going to run out of a particular prescription or when a refill is due.

2. Know the Delivery and Mail Options Available

Since the start of the pandemic, pharmacies have grown their delivery services. At Juro’s Pharmacy and Wellness, they offer three main options for pharmacy delivery. Not only do they offer the traditional retail pharmacy delivery, but they also offer mail order and on-demand pharmacy delivery. These options help ensure you won’t forget to pick up your next prescription by also allowing it to be sent directly to your home.

3. Take Advantage of Staff Knowledge

The staff at your pharmacy is educated, which means they can answer your questions in real-time about your medication doses and potential side effects. Pharmacists are also trained to be able to even identify different types of muscle aches and headaches. This means they can offer suggestions for over-the-counter medicines for whichever type you are experiencing. Since you work with them for any other medications, they know how a certain medicine will work for you and with your current prescriptions. They also take into account any other health conditions that could impact the use of a medicine for you.

4. Properly Track your Medications

It’s important that the name, dosage, and scheduled medications you take at home are identified properly. Not only does this help with any confusion, but it also ensures you are taking them on the right schedule. Medication reconciliation, comparing any new medication orders to all of the other medications a patient might be taking, is important. Pharmacists can talk to you or your family members, contact previous pharmacies, or look at your past hospital clinic visits to ensure the medications given to you to take home are accurate.

5. Utilize Medical Insurance and Billing Options

Insurance billing can often be confusing. Thankfully, if you go to Juro’s Pharmacy and Wellness, they can assist you with the process. Their team understands the requirements for many different types of plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. Many pharmacies also offer options for financing, which is great if you might have an out-of-pocket cost you can’t pay off right away. Asking about these services can help you turn a large bill into a simple monthly payment instead.

If you're ready to take advantage of these great services, head to Juro’s Pharmacy and Wellness for all your pharmacy and prescription needs and learn how they can help you today.

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