As runners in the Montana Marathon made their way into Billings on Sunday morning, they got a boost from a couple of local boys, and their creative signs.

Beckett and Trevor Albaugh had their chairs set up and posters ready, as nearly 1,000 runners made their way down Molt Road in the 26.2 mile run that ended at Daylis Stadium. With a little help from mom, the two boys painted some clever messages to keep runners smiling and positive.

"That's exactly right," responded one runner after seeing the "It Could Be Worse..." poster.

Here are the Top 3 finishers in the 2019 Montana Marathon:


  1. Stephanie Lynch  3:14:35.60
  2. Laura Hellmuth  3:28:42.35
  3. Tiffany Pereira  3:37:24.25


  1. Patrick Geary  2:52:01.18
  2. Andrew Simpson  2:55:56.06
  3. Steve Hibbs  3:05:25.81

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