Kip Moore has a lot going on lately. For starters, his debut album, ‘Up All Night,’ is finally available! And fans of Moore will be excited to learn that his new video for ‘Hey Pretty Girl’ is available for their viewing pleasure, as well.


While a newcomer, the rising country singer-songwriter already has a few hit singles on his hands. Last year, ‘Mary Was the Marrying Kind’ and ‘Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck’ both hit respectable marks on the U.S. Country charts at 48 and 9, respectively. ‘Hey Pretty Girl’ is Moore’s follow-up to his 2011 releases.

The country crooner was recently selected by VEVO as its ‘Detected’ developing artist for the month of April. The series is presented by Bing, and highlights rising musicians and bands through exclusive music videos and interviews. ‘Hey Pretty Girl’ is Moore’s exclusive Detected’ video release.

In addition to releasing a new album and writing his own songs, Moore also co-wrote ‘All the Way’ and ‘Let’s Fight for Thompson Square‘s self-titled 2011 album. ‘Let’s Fight’ was released as Thompson Square’s debut single in 2010, and briefly charted on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, reaching a peak of number 58.

While a lot of Moore’s music is rough and rowdy, ‘Hey Pretty Girl’ shows a softer side to this country boy, and the video is in line with that.

Watch the Kip Moore ‘Hey Pretty Girl’ Video

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