A mandatory evacuation of Lame Deer was announced earlier this evening, according to a post on social media.

Northern Cheyenne Disaster and Emergency Services (NCDES) announced a mandated evacuation for all residents of Lame Deer just after 7pm tonight (Tuesday 8/10), and began evacuating individuals to Busby, Montana. Busses were used to transport residents from the Lame Deer Boys and Girls Club, according to the post on Facebook.

At the 7:40pm update, the Richard Springs fire was 3.5 miles from Lame Deer with winds shifting and coming out of the north, according to the NCDES Facebook.

NCDES also posted via Facebook that residents who need shelter can stay at the Church of Christ in Colstrip, where the post said they have "space and showers available if people need somewhere to stay."

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Another fire was reported around 8 PM in Birney, with the NCDES asking that community to "evacuate safely" and head to the staging area in Busby.

A level 3 evacuation was also in effect for residents of Muddy Creek,  where residents were asked to "calmly take important belongings with them and proceed to the Busby Gym."

There is a second start in the Lynch Coulee area that is pushing southwest toward the Muddy Creek Hall. Which is endangers the west bound Highway 212 access. -Northern Cheyenne Disaster and Emergency Services via Facebook

Cellular phone communication will have outages due to power loss in the area, and the NCDES says Lame Deer and Busby will both lose service by 10 PM MDT on Tuesday night (8/10). Until power is restored in these areas, cell phone service will be down.

To get more information about this incident from Northern Cheyenne Disaster and Emergency Services, you can call 406-894-0013.

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