Are work place romances a good idea?

Most would say no, bad idea.

Some would disagree, as some of us have actually met our spouse at work and have worked together for several  years quite effectively.

As a matter of fact, my current bosses are married to each other  and from what I can see, they make it work.

What happens though when an office romance goes bad and you both still work together?


Believe me I have friends (Wilson) right here in this radio station that this has happened to.

Talk about a crazy work place.

How many times have you broken up with some one and either you've said or they've said, "we can still be friends?"

Ouch, WTF?  No one really means that.

Hopefully though if you work together  you can at least be professional enough to keep your dirty laundry put away during office hours.

Perhaps what they say is true when they say "don't dip your pen in the company ink".

Have you ever dipped your proverbial pen  in the company ink?


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