I think that if I had not made radio my career, I might have spent some time in a kitchen as a chef.

I've always liked to cook. But outside of being a premier griller of steaks and scoring an occasional home run in the crockpot (sausage stuffed peppers and chicken pot pie), I'm not much good with other recipes.

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That's why I was happy to run across a package of sliced-up peppers, mushrooms, and pineapples at my local Albertson's. A "shish kabob kit", if you will. All I needed to do was add meat.

Credit: Mark Wilson, Townsquare Media / Canva
Credit: Mark Wilson, Townsquare Media / Canva

When I cook these days, I try to prepare meals that I can eat on for several days. And this meal fits the bill for me. I just added a couple of rib-eye steaks and boom, food for days.

This package of veggies came on skewers already so I didn't disassemble them before grilling. And then just cut the steaks up in one-inch chunks which I marinated for about 8 hours before the big production all hit the grill.

Credit: Mark Wilson
Credit: Mark Wilson

Sometimes I'll cook three different things on a Sunday afternoon. That way I don't have to cook again all week. Some call it "meal prepping". I call it "more time to golf".

So that's why I keep looking for recipes while scrolling through Facebook each morning.

I'll find one that looks interesting and click on it. If it makes me enter an e-mail address, I get out of it. And if it requires more than 7 or 8 ingredients, I move on.

Photo credits to Mark Wilson, who did not injure himself with anything sharp during the making of these kabobs.

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