If you've been listening for the last several months you may have heard Paul giving me grief about not getting my grill up and running after it quit me a few months ago.

Well, my vacation project number one was to breathe some life back into my grill. I started like I start most of my projects. I watch a YouTube video on it and then I can usually breeze through the job.

So, now I'm back in the smoking some dinner business, I need some of you grill chefs out there to give me some tips and recipes suitable for the Traeger.

I like smoking pork chops but making them tender when reheated seems to be a secret that I wasn't taught. And I haven't tried another brisket since my unfortunate grilling accident when some of the 200-degree juice hit the top of my foot and caused second degree burns on my "gas pedal" foot. It was quite serious.

If you're new to pellet grills, the Traeger website has a bunch of easy recipes. Their "1-2-3 Ribs" works great. Same with their recipe for the brisket.

But as much as I like the pellet grill for most menu items, I still grill steaks on my gas grill because it gets hotter than the pellet grill. You may wonder how I know this. Two ways. First of all, steaks don't get seared on the Traeger because it won't get above 450 degrees. Secondly, I got one of those laser beam temperature taker jobbies to check temps. Thanks, Amazon Prime.

So, my hunt for the next great pellet grilled chicken/beef/pork meal is underway.

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