Is this really about medicine or Marxism? Dr. Fauci was on the Sunday news programs telling people about the mandates that are coming and the booster shots that will be required for continuous protection from Covid-19. The question is, is this really about medicine?

Think about all of the things that could be mandated for concern for people's health that aren't. Vaccine cards will show you're vaccinated, but can you imagine if there was an AIDS-free card needed before travel, or a meningitis card, or an STD card? Look at the problem that cruise ships have had in the past. Is an Ebola card going to be required or the norovirus cards to make sure everyone is safe? What about an influenza card, which kills tens of thousands every year. Approximately 600 colleges and universities are now putting vaccine mandates in place, according to an article in University Business. Dr.Fauci also stated that boosters will probably be inevitable.

Ok, so how do we know that three or four doses of this stuff in a year won't do something else to your health? The FDA has only approved the vaccine for emergency use and as of today, they have yet to give it the all-clear according to Dr. Fauci. Do your own research and talk to your doctor, then make your decision. These decisions should be up to you. If you feel vulnerable, get it.  Why are so many people who have had the shot so worried when they had been assured they wouldn't be hospitalized or die?

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Again, make your own decision but people in Washington should not be making your individual health decision. After all, these are the same people standing behind a woman's right to choose and make her own health decision. Those same rights should be afforded to everyone.

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