Miranda Lambert joined fellow blond Chelsea Handler on ‘Chelsea Lately’ last night (Nov. 17). The acid-tongued Handler is known for her sarcastic humor and her whip-smart dialogue with her guests, so we were anxious to see how the equally ballsy and funny Lambert would play off of that particular interview style. It was as fun as we expected it to be, between these two sassy gals.

“Isn’t it great to be a woman and so, so successful?” Handler asked Lambert, who was dressed in a shimmery black ensemble accessorized with a pair of killer heels, while she sat on the couch after the host’s intro celebrating the fact that ‘Four the Record’ debuted atop the country charts.

Lambert said she was happy but that she was anxious leading up to the release. “I had fever blisters and was getting an ulcer,” she joked. “I was afraid this one would break my streak.” All three of Lambert’s previous albums debuted at No. 1, so she wanted her tradition to continue, and the stress of worrying about it was eating at her. Lambert joked that when she found out she was No. 1, she had to have a drink … at 10 o’clock in the morning!

While Lambert and husband Blake Shelton shared the joy of their wedding with fans through various media outlets, not much much is known about how Shelton proposed. Of course, Handler had to pry about that subject. Lambert revealed, “He asked me at our ranch. I was in a camo jacket. That should tell you all you need to know about that.”

Handler labeled Lambert “a tough Southern girl,” and Lambert likened her Texas-bred toughness to Handler’s Jersey upbringing. They had that whole kindred spirit thing going on.

All in all, blonde ambition ruled on this episode of ‘Chelsea Lately.’

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