Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you want to propose, but you just don’t know how. And, to make matters worse, times are tough, so you’re on a pretty tight budget. Don’t worry. Pizza Hut has your back with their ‘Tie the Knot with the $10 Dinner Box’ promotion.

It’s actually not quite as bad as you may think. You aren’t just going to be presenting your sweetheart with a box of pizza, breadsticks, cinnamon sticks and dipping sauces. On the contrary, you will be purchasing for the woman of your dreams a very romantic evening and an engagement ring.

Pizza Hut’s proposal package comes complete with limousine service, flowers, a fireworks show, a photographer and a videographer, and a ruby and diamond engagement ring. And, you can’t forget the $10 Dinner Box, because clearly that’s the best part. It’s not clear if you have to pop the question at a Pizza Hut, or if you can take that limo to somewhere a little more romantic.

The entire package costs $10,010 and is available for ordering through February 14th. But think fast because there are only ten of these fabulous proposal packages available. There’s no pressure, though. If you get cold feet and don’t use the package by March 31st, Pizza Hut will refund your money. But what happens if she turns down your epic Pizza Hut proposal?

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