The national average shows that 30.1 percent of American adults are obese. Since 1990, that number has doubled from 15 percent.

In Montana, 25.3 percent of adults are obese which ranks 46th in the U.S. The other 5 LEAST obese states are Utah, California, Hawaii, D.C., and Colorado. According to the study published by, 25.0 percent of adults in Montana GET ZERO physical activity and 36.4 percent eat less than one fruit per day.

The proximity to beautiful outdoors and better eating habits in Colorado result in the lowest BMI scores in the country among its citizens. When it comes to states where people get the most exercise, virtually all of them are places associated with outstanding natural beauty.  Perhaps if you live near the mountains, you’re more likely to go hiking? Notably, however, Alaska rates well on the exercise index, but poorly on the overall obesity index.

So how do you know if you're obese? Using the Body Mass Indicator (BMI) scale, the Center for Disease Control says obese is any number over 30 BMI in adults. Let's break that down. Someone 5 foot, 9 inches tall that weighs 203 pounds or more would be considered obese.

The 5 MOST Obese states in the U.S.:

  1. West Virginia (38.1)
  2. Mississippi (37.1)
  3. Oklahoma (36.5)
  4. Iowa (36.4)
  5. Alabama (36.3)

Obesity is a complex social and personal problem with a variety of causes attributable to social and personal habits. West Virginia is the “canary in the coal mine” for the health in general in the country. The levels of obesity seen in West Virginia and the South may soon be everywhere unless further action is done.

When it comes to health and happiness, Montana also received high marks in a recent Gallup poll ranking #4. The report in reported Montana was "near the top for both careers and community. People work hard there, but as they say, if you love what you do, you'll never really work a hard day in your life."

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