Probiotics And Other Supplements I Swear By
ou might ask, "Um, Mark, why do you have a picture of a probiotic bottle on your phone?" It's because I'm practically a spokesman for this product. After I give my presentation I usually end up sending a photo so my friends know which one to get.
Are You Getting A Flu Shot? (POLL)
At my annual physical this week, they offered a couple different vaccinations. One was a tetanus shot that also protects against whooping cough. The nurse said I due for that one since it's been 10 years. So she stuck me with that one.
Is Gluten Free Worth The Money?
Is it a benefit to spend the extra cash to try to avoid these evil glutens? Well, let me be clear that I am not a doctor and it's not my intention to dish out medical advice, but many of the smart folks who are qualified say that there are no real benefits to most people. If you have celiac …

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