Have you seen the story of the '50 Dates 50 States' guy? I feel like I probably don't have to get too far into the details of what it's all about - it's pretty self-explanatory just from the name. But yes, it's one man's journey to set out and see the country one state at a time.....with someone in each state to show him the sights and keep him company as he traveled this great country of ours. If you've been following his travels on social media, if you've sort of heard something about his journey, or if this is the first you're hearing of it - it's kind of cool that the guy is from Montana and he decided that date and state #50 would be in Big Sky Country.

I have to give it to him - it was a pretty great idea. It started as a thought of something that would happen virtually, but then turned into the journey around the country. Matthew Wurnig threw a fancy new promotional wrap on his 2001 pickup, documented his outings on TikTok, garnered over 300,000 followers, had sponsors for his quest, put out a line of merchandise, and was the subject of countless news stories. And now he can say that he's visited all 50 states at the ripe old age of 24. That's something most people don't do in a lifetime.

The journey took almost six months and put more than 30,000 miles on his pickup. And the Montana native couldn't think of any better place to wrap it up with a final date than home sweet home. It all came to a close with a recent date in Bozeman. It's actually pretty fun to check out his social media pages and see some of the adventures he's had over the last few months.

Wurnig shared some thoughts of his '50 Dates 50 States' adventure in a KPAX article:

I think the two biggest things I’ve learned on this journey is that one, the smallest idea that starts right here can blossom into something amazing and spectacular. The other thing I’ve learned throughout traveling through the whole U.S. is we’re all really not so different. At the end of the day, we all like to have a good meal. We like to have a good drink. We like to have a smile on our faces. We like to laugh. All those things, so it’s really cool to just see that common ground between the whole U.S.

I don't know the list of every activity with every date over the entire run - but I feel like there was a missed opportunity if one of the 50 dates didn't include a viewing of Adam Sandler's 50 First Dates.

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