I was thinking today about those poor people they can't find in the ocean after taking a small sub to view the Titanic. I know that we are all hoping that there is a happy ending to this story.

I know that is something that I would never do. Call it a Phobia or what you'd like but it's not for me. I really have great admiration for the brave Navy guys that can stay underwater for 6 months at a time. Not me. I don't think I could work two miles underground either.

The water doesn't scare me it's just not being able to control your own destiny. I love the ocean and can spend hours in it but I'm not going below the surface. I think that being above ground probably scares more people than being below it.

Just another one of those things that would make me nervous. I could tour a mine, no problem, but wouldn't want to work in that environment. Those are about the only phobias that I have. I'm not afraid of heights or any bugs or animals.

Small enclosures don't bother me either, nothing else really except mayonnaise. I hate mayonnaise, terrified of it.

Can you imagine those rides in Las Vegas that extend you out from the top of a casino? People pay big money for the thrill. I'm just not much of a risk-taker anymore now that I'm getting older. Although I still keep farming so go figure.

I know we are hoping for a great ending to this story. America could really use a hero right now...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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