Montana Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) joined us live on the radio just after the latest bad news came out on inflation. We saw another 7% jump in the latest numbers, hitting a 40-year high.

Sen. Daines:  It's the worst inflation we now we've seen in 40 years- a 40 year high. The problem with inflation- it's a tax. It's a tax on all Montana families and those who can afford it the least feel the most in terms of a shrinking paycheck- whether it is senior citizens, hard working Montanans- they're getting hit the most.

Shortly before our interview, Daines referenced an interview he did with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business where they talked about the trending hashtag #BareShelvesBiden.

Sen. Daines: One of the number one trending hashtags on Twitter yesterday was #BareShelvesBiden, and we're starting to see it. We're starting to see pictures emerging across this country of bare grocery shelves. So this is again the consequences. We know this is the case when government gets big when it moves far left, when you start putting tyrants in power. Whether it's the United States or far Left countries around the world, it results in a lower standard of living, higher prices, inflation, and ultimately bare shelves.

We also talked with Senator Daines about the federal election takeover bill being pushed by Biden and Congressional Democrats like Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT). Breitbart News highlighted his concerns in this report. You can also listen to our chat with Senator Daines below:



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