The archery season is set to begin soon and people will be filling their freezers. I'm fortunate enough that I always have beef to eat, but if I had to live on wild meat, I would be thinner than I already am.

Some people swear by it. I always hear that "If you had it the way I cooked it I guarantee that you would love it." No, I wouldn't. I prefer beef. I've had wild meat. It's okay, but I would never order it either. Wild turkey sucks too. It's all dark meat and tastes like sagebrush. Pheasant? Some people say it's good. Great, you can have mine. I'd rather have barbecue chicken.

However, I do agree with folks that have caught their own fish. Fresh fish is the best. Walleye, catfish, cod, halibut, grouper etc., it's all good. Like shrimp scallops, lobster etc.--all really tasty. For Wilson though, if it ain't Mrs. Paul's, throw it back.

Eggs are another one. Fresh eggs are the best out of your own chickens. Same with garden vegetables--corn, tomatoes, beans--all much better than store purchased veggies. That's why I don't get the wild game thing because you think that the fresh natural meat would be better, at least when it comes to flavor but it's not.

I know everyone has their own tastes, and less fat in the meat will not hurt most Americans either. In Montana, we also have a Sand Crane season. Does anyone out there have a great recipe for Sand crane? Hope you like the neck because there isn't much meat on the legs. Anyway happy hunting, you folks can have all of mine.

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