If you've been listening, then you know that over the weekend, we gathered in Bozeman for Paul's daughter's wedding. I know that you want to hear about the wedding. Instead, I'm going to talk about Boze-Angeles.

That town is growing like crazy. You can look in any direction and see something being built. It's no longer the small town that it was back when I went to visit my friends from high school in the early eighties. It's a busy place with huge traffic issues.

As I drove downtown Sunday morning, I saw multiple restaurants and cafes that had twenty to thirty people waiting outside for their turn to eat breakfast. Other than Stellas here, I don't see many folks willing to wait to get into restaurants. They have at least one McDonald's lobby closed due to staffing issues and they're paying twenty bucks an hour.

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One mistake I made was not reserving a motel. So I logged on to kayak.com and started shopping for lodging. The cheapest room available was $270.00 at My Place. So I took it.

We had a full day Saturday. We waited until the day of the wedding to drive up. Before the big event, we had to go meet the newest member of the family and spend some time holding him.

The wedding was at four so we changed clothes and headed out for the ceremony. Subsequently, we didn't get checked into our room until a little after eight that night. To our surprise, not only did it have two queen beds. But it also had a little stove, sink, and refrigerator.....which wasn't empty! We had a couple of choices of milk, some cheese, and even some mayonnaise. How thoughtful.

Credit: Mark Wilson
Credit: Mark Wilson

This hotel chain also keeps costs down by not vacuuming.

So, it was a great wedding weekend. Just bad luck with the hotel.

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