Billings Montana

5 Ways Montana Ruins Your Life
Living in Montana has so many perks that if you lived anywhere else it would ruin your life.
From the scenery to the people and everything in between, we all have a lot to be thankful for here.
If you ever need confirmation on that, just look around, it is not hard to find...
We're Over Stuffin' On This Ride Home
Only 2 days away from turkey day and we here at the Cat are extremely excited and thankful for this day to arrive. It will be an over fill like no other come Thursday.
What happens though when we over eat? I'll tell you and I want to know about your worst over eating experience...
Do You Know a Person in Billings With This?
It's the week of Halloween and I started wondering, how many people of the actual names of those that scare us on scary movies?
Turns out there's a lot more than I thought, at least nation wide.
The Whitepages combed their directories to see which horror movie characters have the most common…
Billings Welcomes 7,000 Bikers
Billings hosted 10,000 athletes from all over Montana and neighboring states last weekend for the Big Sky State Games and now 7,000 more welcomed visitors are starting to ride into Billings!

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