I've never figured out why dogs love it so much when you roll down the window in your car and let them stick their face out. Most of us humans would rather not have wind in our face but dogs love it and it doesn't matter if it's a cold snowy day... they almost seem to love it more. I remember a trip to Vegas I took about 25 years ago (when I had hair) when my friend and I rented a Mustang convertible and how knotted up my hair got. That was the last time I rode in a convertible.

Funny thing is if you blow in the back of Lola's head it drives her nuts and she tries to make you stop... but open the car window and she sticks her head right out. I'm assuming being so furry makes them itch a lot and the wind sort of scratches the itch... but I'm no vet. Above is the pic of Lola enjoying her ride down Grand Avenue. Crazy dog!