The President is proposing a $1 trillion stimulus package to help the economy. I get it. However, I'm livid that it will include money for the airlines. Over the last five years, U.S. airlines have a net profit of 83 billion dollars. Are you telling me they haven't saved any of that for a rainy day? They can't make it for three months on their own? And look at what they have done to us? There isn't one person out there who hasn't become ill from a flight. They added seats and packed us in there even tighter. They piggyback flights closer together so there is no time to sanitize that plane. They charge for everything now, bags, window seats, snacks, etc. They are a cesspool for germs and illnesses and they have the guts to ask for a bailout when they facilitate the spread of disease in this country? Screw you. You need to make your planes not only safe, which you do, but give us a healthy environment to travel in. You are the reason why some of these things spread as quickly as they do. Clean up YOUR act and stay out of my pocket.

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