We don't really know the full story yet but I'm afraid we probably really do.

The announcement of Naomi Judd dying over the weekend took us all by surprise and once again reminds us how devastating mental illness is. There probably isn't one of us that hasn't had to deal with some type of it in our lifetime. Depression, PTSD, anxiety, etc so many different types that cause us all great sorrow.

Naomi battled it her whole life as well. The book that she wrote years ago detailed it in depth and her struggles to overcome it. She showed great adversity throughout her career to cope and make the world a better place. Her triumphant story should be celebrated and be an inspiration for others knowing what she had to conquer to reach that pinnacle.

Still, like many who suffer, that demon that remains inside is something that even today with all the advancements in medicines and treatments we still don't know or completely understand.

We became friends with the Judds many years ago as they frequently visited the area and Naomi was one of the most gracious and elegant people you could ever want to meet. She had to deal with so many things in her life from sexual assault to being admitted to a psychiatric ward and an outpatient program yet pushed on and put others first, all while dealing with this issue.

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One of my favorite songs from them was "Guardian Angels". I know Naomi's will make sure she is finally at peace with herself. Her lifetime struggle is now over and she will make a great place even better.

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