Whether you like coffee simple with sugar and cream, or you're more of a coffee snob, and carry a cupping spoon, today is the day for all of us to have a caffenation celebration!

Sunday (9/29) is National Coffee Day, and here are some of the Billings' shops and restaurants offering discounted or complimentary cups of java on this made-up holiday:

Black Dog Coffee House (1528 24th Street West)
Krispy Kreme (2520 Central Avenue)CLICK HERE

Barnes & Noble (530 S. 24th Street) It's a good day for a book and a hot cup of Joe. At Barnes & Noble, purchase a pastry item from the bakery and receive a free hot or tall iced coffee on Sunday, September 29. To see other deals and coupons, CLICK HERE.

Coupons.com is offering a $2.50 rebate to cover a cup of coffee from various locations.

If you're just looking for the best cup of convenience store coffee, CLICK HERE to see the Best Gas Station Coffee Brands by State.