Every Friday I recap the highs and lows of my week on and off the air.

  • Let's start with a "low." I hit my left knee on my pickup's hitch harder than ever. Still limping. It turns out that the left knee is important when you are trying to finish a golf swing.
  • We had a local winner in our Cash Cow contest this week. Very cool.
  • We did a remote at the Red Door signing up people to win our trip to Mexico. I didn't realize that the Red Door had such an extensive menu.
  • If you dined at Taco Johns' in the heights Wednesday during their fundraiser for the Independent School PTA, you helped raise $ 561.00 for them. That's the biggest check that they've cut yet.
  • On our weekly "Daddy/Daughter Night" this week, I began to pass along some of the vast knowledge that I have about pinball. She was actually impressed. We worked on alternating the flippers, catching the pinball with one flipper and bumping, which meant that we also did some tilting. Now she can go to school and say, "Well, my dad can beat your dad at pinball." A proud day for me.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for your support for 31 plus years. See you on Monday at 5!


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