Never ever leave your dog  in the car in the summer.  Here's what will happen.

1.  Hyperthermia sets in when their body temperature is over 103 degrees.

2.  Their body starts to direct all blood to their internal organs, except their brain, they will pant and sweat from their paws,  in order to help them get back to normal.

3.  Now they'll go into shock, which means they get weak, dizzy and may even start vomiting.

4.  Your dog  has Heat Stroke. (If your dog gets Heat Stroke, there is no going back.  You have  cooked your dog.)  When this happens, you'll see most dogs running and jumping all over in the car, as they are in a complete panic.

5.  Fluid fills their lungs, and their body shuts down, and your dog dies

dog in the car


Guess how long it takes for this to happen?  10 minutes.

Please don't leave your pets in the car.  They'd never do that to you.

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