I'm all about gadgets and convenience. I'll often impulse buy something if I think it'll make my life better. That's how I bought a "Rotato", which peels my potatoes for me.

I also recently bought an air fryer while I was at Costco. And that's one of the best decisions that I've made in recent years.

So I'm seeing all of the ads on my Facebook feed for gadgets that will keep my Fireball cold and dispense it one shot at a time. I considered buying some shot glasses made from shotgun shells, but decided not to.

Over the weekend I volunteered to help with concessions at a volleyball tournament. And that's where I first saw it. The nacho cheese machine.

And here's the appeal for me. Hot nacho cheese any time, 24 hours a day. Now, do I NEED that? Of course not. But just the thought of having it available is extremely appealing to me. First, because nacho cheese goes on so many different food items. And second, all you have to do is push a button!

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Think about it. If you could choose between a slice of a Kraft single on your burger or a big old splash of nacho yumminess, what would taste better? We both know the answer. And I know because that's what I do every time I get a burger at Fuddruckers. Theirs even had a little bit of jalapeno in there for just the right "zing".

But since I'm only cheesing for one, it's just not a practical purchase.

But a guy can dream. Right?

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