I love to make home made pizza. I bought a pizza stone which I heat in the oven while I'm assembling my pizza on a well floured plastic cutting board. Unfortunately, by the time I add the extra weight of the cheese and toppings to the crust the dough has absorbed much of that flour and when I try to slide it off onto the heated stone (you heat it beforehand so the dough will cook evenly on both sides) it sticks... or worse, partially slides on spilling cheese into the inside of the oven making a mess.

Mom to the rescue! I came home last night to see a package at the door of my Montana Avenue loft which I immediately knew was from my mom (she's a bit of an HSN shopaholic). It is an 8 inch wide spatula. I snapped this photo with the spatula on the top of my range so you could an idea of just how big it is. You can flip 4 burgers on a barbeque at a time... very manly! In my case I can flour the spatula and scoop up my home made pizza which will now be made flawlessly every time. Now if someone can tell me where to buy a toilet with a giant porcelain bowl life will be perfect!

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