Word on the street is that there is a group of protesters on their way to Billings to join in with others around the country demanding Police reform. No Problem. But here is a warning before you get here. COME PEACEFULLY. This is a place like no other. People love America here and our way of life. We are respectful of others and yet will defend our lives and the right to own a business and raise our families. People are very protective of both. We stand up for and help our neighbors any time they need it. We'll run to a neighbors place to help fight a fire and stop to help change someone's tire. WE most importantly WILL RUN to anyone who feels threatened or whose business is being threatened by criminals. My advice, protest in peace, do not poke the mamma bear when she is protecting her cubs. If we get wind of potential trouble, the 189th Battalion will come out in full force to help any way we can. We will have law enforcement's back in any way possible and will protect our town and way of life. Period.

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