Many of you may know Rob Griggs from his many years in Montana radio and television broadcasting.

What you may not know is that Rob Griggs is also a Christian pastor who has ministered to thousands of people in the Billings area over the years. He has a way of communicating gracefully without compromising his convictions.

That being said, I was really interested to hear what he had to say about this whole controversy involving the "Drag Queen Story Hour" event taking place at Zoo Montana. Below is a message Rob sent to ZooMontana. With Rob's permission it is shared in full below.

Full Letter from Rob Griggs to the Director of Zoo Montana:

Dear Jeff,

I am writing to express my disappointment in Zoo Montana's hosting of 'Drag Queen Story Hour'. Like so many others in our community, I believe an event like this is directly related to the unhealthy sexualization of children. Reading stories to children is one thing. Demonstrating and promoting overt sexuality (illicit or otherwise) while reading to the children is an entirely different issue. I'm disappointed that you are unwilling to recognize how this decision alienates many families in our community who are trying very hard to let their kids 'just be kids' without being indoctrinated by adults who appear intolerant of the traditional family values that so many in our community embrace. It's worth pointing out that when you stated "this is happening all over the country", you need to know that there is also significant push-back to this sort of thing across the country.

As a straight person of faith, I am (and have) been supportive of reading books to children for different events. I do NOT, however, make it my mission to promote and demonstrate (indoctrinate) children with MY sexuality while doing so. That would be inappropriate on several levels.

I have had several conversations about the Zoo's position on this issue with friends; their reactions to your decision range from disappointment to anger. And to a person, their support of Zoo Montana (attendance, support, attendance of events at the Zoo) has pretty much come to an end. Jeff, I don't doubt your personal commitment to inclusiveness, fairness, community cohesiveness and protection of children. You are a good man. However, I don't think this decision necessarily 'hits' all four...and I feel it absolutely missed the most important one. Just wanted to share my opinion on this issue.


Rob Griggs





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