This is just for fun today.

We were talking about the massive construction project that's going to disrupt traffic on 27th street this summer. And that got me thinking.

If money wasn't an object, and the project would make getting to your destination just that much easier, what would you build?

A couple of examples would be an overpass from the northbound lane in the heights that would go over to Taco Johns, so I wouldn't have to do U-turns when its soft shell taco time. (Also, TJ's, your chips are triangular and your cheese is in a round container. Please change one or the other).

How about digging an extremely long ditch and lowering the railroad tracks that run through Billings, so there would be no more delays while waiting on trains. It would be just a series of overpasses.

And how about digging out the underpass downtown that gets hit a couple of times every year?

What would you build?


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