What is the joke?  There are two seasons in Montana, Winter and Road Construction.
Well I for one am really tired of the road construction.

Holy cats, can there be anymore?

Maybe I shouldn't say that, with my luck they will start a new project on one of the few streets not already under construction.

With that being said, one of my biggest complaints about the road construction is drivers.

I had the misfortune of trying to drive on 24th Street West yesterday and then of course downtown.

Here's what I observed.

When the sign shows you that the right (or left) lane is closed ahead, that means merge right?

Or does it mean speed as fast as you can in the lane that is closed ahead and try to get over into the other lane so that you don;t have to be at the end of the line.

Simply amazing, I must have watched this 5 times yesterday while sitting in road construction.

I guess their time is just that much more important than ours.


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