Hot on the heels of Outlaws football coming back to Billings (save big on tickets for the upcoming season HERE), a press conference Friday (11/19) confirmed the rumor of pro hockey coming to the Magic City. Exciting news for fans of the fastest game on ice.

Photo by Michael Foth, Townsquare Media

The season will launch in November 2022.

Team owners, its PR representative Tommy Benizio, Western Professional Hockey League reps along with Mayor Bill Cole and TDI Fiber representative Daron Olson shared details and enthusiasm for the yet-unnamed hockey team with the media and hockey supporters.

Photo by Michael Foth, Townsquare Media

The hockey team is owned by the same group as the Outlaws.

Pick 6 Entertainment currently owns six indoor football teams in Gillette, WY, Rapid City, SD, and the Billings Outlaws. They plan to announce additional Western Professional Hockey League teams in the near future. The WPHL is a single "A" league with plans to have 8 teams for the 2022 inaugural season. Four will be located in or around Texas with four teams in the Upper Midwest/Mountain region. There will be 48 games each season; 24 in Billings and 24 on the road. Players will be 21+ and each team will feature at least 3 "hometown heroes", aka local players.

Photo by Michael Foth, Townsquare Media

So... where is the new team going to play?

Fans of hockey in Billings will remember how much fun they had at Billings Bulls games at MetraPark. According to representatives at today's press conference, MetraPark still has the equipment for the rinks, with one glaring problem. They're not sure the freon cooling network of piping is still functional. It apparently hasn't been tested since a tornado heavily damaged the venue in 2010. Digging up the floor to test/replace the cooling system could cost over $1 million.

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Team officials mentioned the possibility of using a portable rink system. One less-than-ideal option is to host the games at Centennial Ice Arena. Mayor Cole mentioned the City of Billings plans to build a multi-use facility near Amend Park could potentially be a venue for the team.

Credit: sArhange1

You can vote on the new team's name.

Due to trademark legalities, the team is unable to use the Billings Bulls moniker. Team owners are asking for your help in naming the new team. There are four options:

  • Billings Bullheads
  • Montana Magic
  • Billings Roughnecks
  • Montana Magma

You can cast your vote at I'm excited about pro hockey in Billings. I'm not a diehard fan, by any means (and I rarely watch a game on TV), but it's thrilling to catch a game in person. I'm always down for more entertainment options in Billings and I hope the franchise does well in the Magic City. Keep scrolling to see a regulation-sized hockey rink included with a Minnesota mansion.

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