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Partly because my job puts me in a unique position to do so and partly because I just want to know, I have a few questions. Most of these will only apply to a very small part of the population.

Tailgaters. I'm going 40 mph in a 35 mph zone, but there you are. So close to the back of my pickup that I can't see your headlights. Why so close? Where do you need to be? And if I change lanes, you roll up on someone else's tail and tailgate them. Also, how good is your collision insurance?

Another question for the impatient motorist. I'm in front of you at the stoplight. The arrow turns green and I don't have the reaction time of an NHRA dragster driver, yet you hit the horn. My question is if you know how badly I just want to put it in park and wait for another light or two?

Next, fast food drive-thrus. You people in line in front of me. You know, the people who are having trouble deciding what to order. Have you never been to Wendy's/McDonalds/Taco Bell/King's Hat before?

Another drive-thru quandary: You people who drive up and order a soda. No sack of food. No snacks. Just one soda. I'm the laziest person that I know and I never go through a drive-through for just a drink.

And the facemask, If you wear one, great. If you don't wear one, great. I've been social distancing with my vehicles for most of my life anyway. That guy parked as far as possible from the front door of any store is generally me.

So I'm just smiling and waving at everybody.

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