One of the groups that I keep tabs on on Facebook is "Billings Reckless Drivers". It's a spot where drivers can complain and cuss out other drivers who they feel have done them wrong.

I want to get a mention on this page. So, starting today, I'm turning up my aggressiveness behind the wheel. If I'm first in line in a turn lane and the light turns green, I'm not moving, I'll sit all the way through at least one light. Let's hear them horns! Let's see some gestures! Next, let's race. I'm talking to all of you "rice grinders" with the loud mufflers. Just because you choose to leave the lights faster than the rest of us, it doesn't mean that you ARE faster. So, today, me and my 400 HP pickup are gonna find out what out how fast you are. Look, up ahead, there's an arrow telling you to get over into my lane. You're more than welcome to come over.....BEHIND me! Looking forward to my drive home this morning.

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