This morning I saw that Chevy is selling a 990 horsepower car called the "Fireball Camaro". It got several comments from folks. And it reminded me of a conversation that I had with a "higher up" in one of the big car companies. He told me that most folks, even if they can afford the higher end performance/SUPER cars, don't possess the necessary skill to drive them.

Which led me to think about all of the drivers that I know and how I'd rate them. Our scale is 1-10, with 10 being the best.

I'll start with myself. I give myself a 9 1/2. I drove professionally when I was a school bus driver. And I've never been ticketed for an accident. Which, of course, doesn't mean that I've never had one. Just haven't been caught.

Here's how I rate a bunch of people that I know:

Mitch, Stacey, Chris, Weasel, Dusty, Jared all get 9's.

Scott would've gotten a 9 except he can't back a boat trailer in the water. Sorry buddy. You're an 8 1/2.

8's go to Monsos (who lost points for tailgating) and Tim (who wanders over the line a little too much).

At 7, we finally get to some gals. Jenny gets a 7 because if I gave her real number, there would be trouble at home. My neighbor, Cotti also scores a 7, but only because she can drive a Suburban on 2 wheels while yelling at her kids. Lara, 7 for you as well.

Steve up in Great Falls gets a 6 1/2 and that's only because he has courage.

My mom doesn't appear on the chart today, but I do love her.

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