RaeLynn has released an emotionally charged music video for her song “Love Triangle.” Her first song with Warner Music Nashville, "Love Triangle" is a departure from the singer's generally upbeat fare, but it draws from an especially personal part of her life: her parents' divorce.

"I wanted to come out with a song that was 100-percent me, and something more raw, because I want people to know that I'm not just a girl who sings fun, sappy songs, or just a bubbly girl," RaeLynn tells People. "I've been through a few things. I know how it feels to go through tough life experiences, and I wanted to show that in my music."

The "Love Triangle" video opens with a young girl playing outside, her white suitcase perched on the front porch. As a car pulls into the driveway, the girl runs inside to tell her mom that her dad is there, then grabs her suitcase and runs into her father's arms. Throughout the clip, viewers watch the daddy-daughter pair spend fun time together -- and watch the young girl comfort her mother, who clearly struggles with not seeing her daughter for long stretches of time while she's with her father.

"When you're a kid of divorce, that is your life: You have two beds, you have two separate lives," RaeLynn explains, adding, "I get goosebumps every time I talk about [the music video] because you couldn't have painted a more perfect picture of how it felt."

Shots of the parents with their child are interspersed with clips of RaeLynn, dressed in black and seated in an all-black room, singing the heavy tune.

"My dad would pick me up every other Friday at six and drop me off by six on Sunday. Around four every Sunday, I remember him getting a little sad because he wouldn't get to see his baby for two weeks," the The Voice alum reflects. "I can't imagine, when I become a mother, not being able to see my child for two weeks. That's really hard, but that's the truth, and that's the normal for a lot of kids in divorced homes. They have to split their time and split their love. It really is not that fair, but it's a lot of our normal and our truth."

More information about RaeLynn, including her upcoming shows, can be found on her website.

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