We have a new receptionist starting today. I just met her. Her name is Michelle.

So, I'm thinking back on all of the ladies who have spent some time answering phones and greeting people when they walk through our days over the last 32 years.

We had one that could understand English but had trouble speaking it. One of them was a "prepper' who would fight with me about the Armageddon. Her family was stocking up on MRE's, toilet paper, and bags of potato chips instead of bullets. Whatever.

One gal, Jody, was a victim of many of my prank calls through the years. So one day she got into my locker and replaced my sugar for my coffee with salt. Well played, Jody. Well played.

One gal kept a bottle of vodka in her drawer. She didn't last long. But she was always in the best mood!

Then, there was "Nanchantress." Everybody's favorite. Super sweet.

Christina, who's still with us, but in a different position. She's truly the "IT Person" for Paul and me.

And now that I think back, there are a couple of stories I can't share here. But we always tend to get some interesting people.


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